Tuesday, November 21, 2006

polygamy, coming at ya

Some so-called Mormons are stealing pages from the gay marriage movement to push for love, Joseph Smith-style. They want polygamy to be re-legalized.

Yes folks, polygamy is alive and well in the United States. Probably 40,000 or so people are involved in such domestic arrangements, mostly in Utah. To be fair, although the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints has some damn weird ideas* (and I say this as somebody who has enjoyed friendships with Mormons since high school), this practice is NOT condoned by today's mainstream Mormon Church. Ever since the church's president in 1890 had a sudden divine revelation that God really did NOT want them to practice polygamy, a contradiction of earlier doctrine that conveniently coincided with efforts to gain Utah's admission to the union as a state, the LDS have opposed polygamy. But the breakaway groups known as Mormon fundamentalists want to stick to Joseph Smith's self-serving doctrine of legalized teen rape by church leaders and their cronies, oops I mean plural marriage.

I support gay marriage. Gays and lesbians should be able to create legally binding partnerships that allow them many rights that are only conveyed through marriage, for example the right to visit their partner in a hospital. Despite the case the fundamental Mormon soccer moms try to make, I'm not so sure about polygamy, especially as practiced by fundamentalist Mormons.

Fundamentalist Mormon polygamy serves as an excuse for a hell of a lot of child rape, and causes major problems for young men in that society who aren't part of the church leadership, who can basically pick and choose among the sweet young things of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona when they want to expand their harems. Or the elders can give a young girl to a friend, instead, as a way to repay favors and solidify their near-absolute power within their community.

I think it is reasonable to establish certain parameters for marriage. It should be the partnership between two consenting adults. And both must be human (sorry, animals can't give informed consent -- the rape of dogs or chickens or whatever shouldn't be condoned).

*One unusual practice among Mormons is wearing some special underwear. I was surprised to learn today that Sikhs also have certain lingerie requirements. I knew about the daggers, but not that.


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Blogger erinannie said...

Thank you for writing one of the first respectful and correct blogs (by a non-Mormon) on this subject. The lack of hatred is greatly appreciated.
I hope you will check out what my blog has to say on this subject.

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