Tuesday, November 21, 2006

no o.j.

Apparently, major American media does retain some vestigial traces of shame. Murdoch's News Corp has shitcanned the OJ-extravaganza it planned to present us with. No book saying how OJ would have killed his wife if he'd wanted to (did he say he'd strangle her? I might have caught that in the 5 seconds or so it took me to find the remote and switch channels), and no infomercial on the Fox network featuring OJ and his publisher, Judith Regan.

Don't go claiming censorship. I think Regan and Fox TV should be free to publish/air the OJ quasi-confession if they want. And they can suffer the market consequences. Which is the REAL reason for their backing away from the project -- they began to realize the distaste for OJ Simpson in America was so great that they might stand to lose more than they would gain from what would have been the most obscene TV show ever.

Look for it on the web some time soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ONLY way to respond to this insult to decency is to ignore it!!

6:52 AM  

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