Saturday, November 04, 2006

elections draw close, last-gasp for gop

If Karl Rove and Diebold really do have the election pre-cooked, they haven't convinced the GOP candidates, because they're running scared in a lot of districts. Moderate Republicans are in trouble in several districts -- which is actually unfortunate, because if they lose the GOP becomes even more rightist. But hey, that's their fault for associating themselves with the likes of DeLay, Hastert, and Pombo, and for being part of Congress' "amen chorus" for the White House's reprehensible policies.

De facto President Bush has been out campaigning -- playing defense in districts sufficiently conservative that the incumbent Republican candidates are gambling that Bush's presence will not cost them votes. I was struck by one comment from country singer Larry Gatling at one rally -- "I tell ya what, we're gonna git Osama!"

When? It's been five fricking years since 9/11.

Anyway, the GOP has trotted Secretary of State Condi Rice out to campaign too, despite the State person usually not getting involved with partisan politicking. She denies that she's campaigning, but her steady diet of interviews with members of the right-wing media stands in marked contrast with her usual press.


Anonymous zamfir the flautist said...

Look into the new scandal: robocalling (automated phone calls) insinuating that the call is regarding the democrat "Let me tell you about (democrat)!" and then tell you bad junk.

People are hanging up thinking the call is provided by the democrats... and the calls are repeated and overnight and AND AND calling the do-not-call lists (which is illegal in some states, even for political subjects, for robocalling).

11:24 PM  
Anonymous YougerBrother#2 said...

I've heard a few comments about how confident the WHouse is they're going to hold both sides of Congress that it makes me wonder if when I voted this morning I wasn't just spinning the counter another way...

9:19 AM  

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