Tuesday, November 07, 2006

crisis of confidence

A study commissioned by U.S. News & World Report (but I couldn't find it at USNWR's site yet) says "American is in trouble." Three-quarters of people polled said we face a "leadership crisis."

Gosh, after six years of Bush mis-leading us at every step of the way, and the incredible pettiness and venality and corruption of the GOP Congress, I can only imagine why people are down on our politicians.

My question is, who are the other 25%???

We'll see if this crisis in confidence manifests itself in the elections today. Go and vote for a Democrat.

If you are a to-the-core Republican and can't bring yourself to do that, give yourself a break and just keep away from the polls. I mean, Republican voters have brought us the de facto Bush Administration, Tom DeLay and the other crooks in Congress, record deficits, repeated tax cuts for the wealthy, disdain for science. You've done enough. Really.


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