Wednesday, November 08, 2006

it comes down to virginia

I'm mildly surprised that the Democrats did so well in the elections -- a nice majority in the House and still a good chance in the Senate. I mean, I'd seen the poll numbers etc, but I guess I was just nervous about the possibility of surprises and Rovian machinations.

But as Josh Marshall points out, look for Rove to play a big and nasty role in the likely Virginia recount -- especially if the Dems take Montana and Virginia becomes the seat that would give the Democrats control of the Senate. I'm just glad Virginia has a Democratic governor. It could get ugly, even so.

Among the many positive things from this election is the fact that redneck Senator from the Confederate I mean Commonwealth of Virginia George "Racist Fratboy" Allen's presidential aspirations have probably been killed. He is like George W. Bush without the brains. And naturally, would have had a good chance at getting the GOP nomination in 2008.

Like Mel Gibson but without even being drunk, Allen gave us a few glimpses into his real psyche during this campaign. The "macaca" flap. Reacting so publicly negatively to news that his mother had been Jewish -- it was like somebody had said she was a Nazi death camp operator. And the revelations of Allen's predilection to use the n-word, coupled with the established facts that he kept Confederate flags and NOOSES in his office.

Oh yeah, he would have been a great President.


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