Monday, November 06, 2006

saddam verdict

I'm opposed to the death penalty on general principles. But if anybody deserves it, it's Saddam Hussein. I guess exceptions could be made for mass-murdering dictators.

Not that the trial was exactly perfect, with calls for an international tribunal rather than an Iraqi trial, the interference and influence of the US in the proceedings, and notably the hard-to-miss "coincidence" that this verdict happened just 2 days before Congressional elections in the US...

It's odd that reports say he was "shaken" by the verdict. Surely Saddam knows a show trial when he sees one? (Even though the guilt of this particular defendant is indisputable, it was still a show trial...) I guess it's possible Saddam had deluded himself into believing he would beat this rap. After all, he says he is still President of Iraq.


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