Sunday, November 05, 2006


The de facto President and Decider in Chief has been on the campaign trail. He is helpfully explaining how if the Democrats get elected, bad guys will take control in Iraq, have access to all that oil revenue, keep all the oil off the market, and drive gas prices to $400 a barrel unless we agree to make Britney Spears wear a burka.

It simply isn't so. First, it is possible to oppose Bush and not be a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer. Second, the bad guys can't both have oil revenues and keep the oil off the market -- surely even Bush's intellect is sufficient to grasp that.

And third, Iraq simply doesn't control enough of the oil market to drive prices up to $400 a barrel. Hell, Iraq's oil has been largely absent from the markets over the past few years, due to sanctions and after Mr. Bush's War, because of insurgent attacks on oil infrastructure. And oil has never even hit $80/bbl.

So it saddens me to remind everybody that in the cause of partisan politics, Bush has made a statement that either proves he is hugely ignorant, or lied.

He lied.


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