Friday, November 03, 2006

"capitalists for stalin"

Anti-gay evangelist mega-pastor Ted Haggard in Colorado quits his job to fight accusations that he has been paying for gay sex for the past three years. The accusing party (all this is hearsay at the moment) says he outed Haggard because he realized the pastor was anti-gay and opposed things like gay marriage. Oh, the pastor also allegedly used meth at their monthly rendezvous. (What's the plural of "rendezvous," anyway?)

Is gay GOP prostitute/reporter/ally in the White House press conference room Jeff Gannon/Guckert on this case in either of his professional capacities? Just curious.

On that note, I have a hard time wondering how a Log Cabin Republican (in other words, a gay Republican) can remain with the Theo-Bush Republican party. It is a party that finds it convenient to vilify and smear people for their sexual preference all for short-term political gain among the GOP's base -- no not the business elites, the racists and homophobes. I know smart gay guys who are Republicans and I simple don't understand how they can reconcile the insults they take from their "fellow" Republicans.

Log Cabin Republicans -- that's like "Capitalists for Stalin."


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