Wednesday, November 01, 2006

kerry's joke, tempest in a teapot

You know, judging from the media you'd think John Kerry had said that our military personnel are worse than a bunch of page-chasing congressmen. I thought the context of the joke was clear, but hey, the right-wing media is seizing on anything it can right now to slam the Dems, because there is little positive to say about the Republicans, whose campaign slogan is, "Apres nous, le deluge" (rough translation, "vote Democratic and we all die").

Also shows the dangers of trying a joke in American politics, with wilfully-humorless media and pundits ready to jump on the slightest excuse. Get it right, or stick to the facts and the insults. I always thought it was too bad that a politician like Bob Dole, who really has a good sharp sense of humor, had to hold it in while running for office. He should have been in the British Parliament, there his cutting wit would've been an asset.


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