Thursday, August 30, 2007

how to expect the gop to respond to their growing unpopularity

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on polls showing how tremendously unpopular the Republicans have become among young Americans aged 18-29. The poll showed "that show two-thirds of young voters surveyed believe Democrats do a better job than Republicans of representing their views - even on issues Republicans once owned, such as terrorism and taxes."

So, if you are a Republican strategist, what to do? Change the GOP's positions on issues like climate change (it's real, and we're fucked if we don't respond, no matter what Exxon says)? Move away from it's far-right extremist views against helping the less fortunate and in favor of more more more tax cutting for the top 1% of us?

Nah, that would be no fun. Just look for them to continue to suppress the vote in this age group. Think it hasn't happened already? You didn't notice the long, long lines to vote on college campuses in Ohio in 2004? Think that was a coincidence?

That wasn't a coincidence. That, and the long lines in Democrati-supporting urban Ohio precincts, compared to the quick and easy vote in the pro-GOP suburbs and small towns, were not coincidence. They were part of the strategy.


Blogger Sona said...

I'm doubting that will matter too much. The Republicans are so far behind right now that it would take a total Democratic screw up for them to catch up.

8:41 AM  

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