Thursday, August 30, 2007

the real scandal about republican scandals

Republican strategist Scott Reed is bemoaning the ever-expanding list of Republican scandals, with Larry "I'm Not Gay" joining Senator David "Good Times" Vitter and Senator Ted "The Buck Stops Here" Stevens in the most recent list update.

The real scandal about the Republicans however is all the stuff that somehow doesn't register as a scandal. You know, the policy decisions to approve the use of torture. The policy decisions to invade Iraq based on trumped-up evidence of the existence of weapons of mass destruction. The policy decisions to suppress the vote by those unlikely to support the GOP, and to fire US attorneys that are insufficiently zealous in pursuing this goal and politically-inspired prosecutions of Democratic candidates. The fixing of elections in Florida 2000 and Ohio (and quite likely, other states) in 2004. The footdragging and obstructionism that have cost us at least 8 years to try to keep climate change from hitting a tipping point beyond which we will have no chance of slowing it down.

Frankly, compared to that a gay or bi senator who can't admit to himself or the rest of us the truth about his sexuality, a senator that visits hookers (you KNOW he isn't the only one, and Democrats are sure to also indulge on occasion), even a routine corruption scandal like Stevens' are frankly just not that important. But if the Democrats are to win in 2008, these venal things will perhaps help...

So if you know of any more GOP scandals, be sure to let everybody know!