Tuesday, August 28, 2007

republican scandals updated with the very latest

A few months ago I excerpted a handy dandy list of Republican scandals. That list has become a bit outdated, so now I present an update to that list.

Hot off the presses: Larry Craig, uber-conservative staunch moralist Republican Senator from the great state of Idaho - arrested and now has plead guilty to disorderly conduct in the bathroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. Apparently, the good Senator propositioned an undercover cop in an adjacent stall. This would appear to add some meat to the rumors of Craig being engaged in extramarital sexual activities, a common GOP hobby. The gay part of it though is a welcome twist that adds a little variety. And presumably, the guys Craig propositioned were at least over 18, unlike the objects of former Republican House member Mark Foley. People living in gay I mean glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Mark Vitter, Republican Senator from Louisiana, was recently ensnared in the Washington Madam case - the highest profile john revealed by the investigation into the call girl ring run by Deborah Palfrey. A bit earlier, another Republican, Randall Tobias, who was the head of the US Agency for International Development, quit his job when the records showed he was a regular customer of some call girl service that employed cheap Latina labor for his late night "massages."

These shenanigans are mostly amusing because the Republicans insist they are the party of morals and virtue. A more serious scandal is the one involving the entire Republican congressional delegation from the great state of Alaska. Senator Ted Stevens is the most tainted, now being investigated by the FBI and the IRS for good old fashioned tax evasion, bribe taking, and the like.

The rest of the GOP group that dominate Alaskan politics - Governor Frank Murkowski, Senator Lisa Murkowski (yes, it is nice when your dad leaves the Senate and becomes governor and can appoint his daughter to the family business), and Congressman Don Young - may also be tainted. There is a lot of oil money sloshing around Alaska, and a lot of handouts courtesy of the GOP-dominated Federal Government given to a state that not only doesn't use its oil wealth to fund its own projects, but even hands out cash payments to state residents and STILL has the nerve to beg for money from Washington for highways to nowhere and other big projects.

So much for the rugged individualists who want to be left alone. They DO want to be untaxed and unregulated - but keep those transfers of funds from taxpayers in states like California, New York, and Michigan coming.


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