Wednesday, August 22, 2007

two things i have no reason to believe

Two completely unconnected news items that I have no reason to believe.

The first - this Post piece titled "Younger Crowd Losing Appetite for Edwards." A journalist in Iowa cites four people -- yes, FOUR people -- who say they probably won't support John Edwards in the Democratic caucus in Iowa. In her "by no means a scientific survey of the Democratic field," Anne Kornblut says Edwards is losing his Iowa lead.

That may be the case. But THIS article does nothing to establish that, but the Post still manage to run a big headline stating as a fact that young people are abandoning Edwards. Fine, fine journalism.

The second bit is the unhappy report out of Iraq that 14 US troops have died in a helicopter crash. I believe the chopper crashed and 14 died. But I don't feel like I can believe that it was an accident just because the military has said so. Remember, this military has reported before that helicopters crashed only to admit later that they were shot down. And they lied (along with the White House) about the death of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan.

I once used to assume that government spokesmen were probably telling the truth. Now, I assume that any representative of the de facto Bush Administration who speaks is lying.


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