Thursday, August 16, 2007

watch what you do

The de facto Bush Administration's CIA and Department of Homeland Security plan to use our spy satellites to spy on us. Satellites and aircraft "that can see through cloud cover and even penetrate buildings and underground bunkers."

This is all for our protection, of course. I mean, the Bush Administration says so, so it must be true, right?

Not necessarily. The satellites and their imagery are secret. The local cops won't get them unless the people in charge of the images decide to give it to them. It would be naive to imagine that they won't be selective in choosing what images to give to cops to address what crimes. For example, don't you think this bunch would be far more likely to give local cops images of marijuana growing in a field than to reveal illegal logging?

Damn right. I don't trust a damn thing this Administration does, and there has been absolutely no reason for any of us (those of us outside the inside circle, that is) to do so.

One nonprofit activist group leader (Kate Martin, Center for national Security Studies) said "They are laying the bricks one at a time for a police state."

I'm afraid I agree.


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