Thursday, November 23, 2006

unsurprisingly, he did it for the money

OJ Simpson admits he wrote his now-withdrawn book, "If I Did It," for money to pay bills. This qualifies as one of the all-time non-surprising headlines, as unshocking as "Bush Lied" or "GOP Tax Cuts Benefit Rich" or "Bonds Uses Steroids."

Simpson said, "It's all blood money, and unfortunately I had to join the jackals." The difference? None of the other "jackals" who have written on the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman WERE THE ACTUAL MURDERER. That makes this instance just that teensy weensy bit worse...

So if you're trying to think of reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving, just thank yourself you aren't one of Nicole Brown's children, living with the man who killed your mom.


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