Tuesday, August 07, 2007

weekly world news, r.i.p.

Peter Carlson eulogizes the late Weekly World News. You know the WWN. It was the one at the supermarket checkout lane with the REALLY outrageous headlines, like "12 U.S. SENATORS ARE SPACE ALIENS!" or "HEAVEN PHOTOGRAPHED BY HUBBLE TELESCOPE."

The odd/sad thing is, if the Weekly World News had died in 1990, the net credibility of the US news media would have improved a little. But in the land of corporate-owned conservative mouthpieces trumpeting conspiracy theories about Bill Clinton, Mass Murderer, or about how invading and bombing the shit out of Iraq will bring peace and stability and democracy to the Middle East and will make the Iraqis love us like little brothers, I'm not so sure the Weekly World News' headlines were the most ridiculous ones on the newsstand, radio, or TV.



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