Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"mr. attorney general, do you expect us to believe that?"

The Washington Post editorial page complains (correctly) that the recent decision by de facto President Bush on the Geneva Convention may result in "the return by the CIA to methods that most people, including most of the world's democracies, regard as improper and illegal under international law -- and to a new threat to Americans captured by hostile governments."

And yesterday another Bush Administration official, de facto Attorney General and Torturer-Advocate-General Alberto Gonzales inflicted his unique brand of torture on the Senate Judiciary Committee. His series of lies, evasions, misdirections, lies, lies, and lies clearly frustrated the Democrats and Republican Arlen Specter.

The subject this time was the sickbed assault on then Attorney-General John Ashcroft over an unnamed intelligence gathering operation, presumably concerning warrantless wiretaps. It isn't important to quote what Gonzales said in response to direct questions, because his answers were utterly void of content and full of contempt and deceit. A few of the responses HE provoked from the gathered Senators gives a sense of the session:

Patrick Leahy: "I don't trust you."

Sheldon Whitehouse: "You, sir, are in fact the problem." (Sheldon, you're wrong. Gonzales is a reflection of the problem. The problem is in the big house where BushCheneyRove live. Gonzales is not solely the problem.)

Jay Rockefeller: "He once again is making something up to protect himself." (Not quite, Jay - it is also to protect BushCheneyRove.)

Arlen Specter: "I do not find your testimony credible, candidly."

Chuck Schumer: "You just constantly change the story, seemingly to fit your needs to wiggle out of being caught."

A medley from Arlen Specter, courtesy of Dana Milbank: "The department is dysfunctional. . . . Every week a new issue arises. . . . That is just decimating, Mr. Attorney General. . . . The list goes on and on. . . . Is your department functioning? . . . What credibility is left for you? . . . Do you expect us to believe that? . . . Your credibility has been breached to the point of being actionable."

Dianne Feinstein: "Somethings's rotten in Denmark." Indeed. And like a fish, this Administration is rotting from the head.

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