Thursday, July 26, 2007

perjury and doping

I'm shocked, shocked, by the recent revelations coming out of France concerning doping by competitors in the Tour de France. Now the guy leading the tour (Michael Rasmussen from Denmark, surely you knew that?) has been kicked out of the race by his team for lying about his whereabouts. I guess you need to keep track of where these guys are at all times or else they'll immediately reach for the testosterone, blood doping stuff, and human growth hormone.

Doping comes as naturally to these cyclists as lying comes to the de facto Bush Administration. As slippery and evasive as the Tour de France competitors are fast and powerful, most of the Bushies have avoided legal problems. But now Senate judiciary chairman Patrick Leahy is considering perjury charges against de facto Attorney General and all-around lover of tortured logic in favor of torture Alberto Gonzales. Why? Seems some public comments by AG have come to light that contradict what Gonzales told the Senate back in March 2004 about some hush-hush intelligence thingamajig.

For the Bush Administration, giving testimony on the record is like providing blood samples is for the Tour de France cyclists: a dangerous act that can expose their lies. That's part of the reason they are ordering even former Administration flunkies like Harriet Miers and Sarah Taylor to keep their traps shut.

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