Monday, July 30, 2007

a question you never want to be asked about your country's chief justice official

This article about Alberto Gonzales, de facto Attorney-General, Torturer-Advocate in Chief, personal legal lackey to de facto President George W. Bush, essentially comes down to this question: Is he a moron, or is he a lying sack of shit?

I don't know which is worse, having a buffoon with less memory retention than a 98-year-old Alzheimer's patient on the deathbed head up the Department of Justice (and retaining the professed trust and support of the President, who's intellect also could be confused with that of a 98-year-old Alzheimer's patient on the deathbed), or having a competent person who is willing to repeatedly stoop to lies, misdirections, lies, innuendos, lies, lies, and lies in the mistaken belief (shared by Sara Taylor among others) that service to El Jefe I mean George W. Bush is more important than any obligation to the people or the Constitution of the United States. That pesky oath be damned.

Crook, or idiot? Oh heck, why choose? I vote for both.



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