Monday, August 06, 2007

sports and religion shouldn't mix

So the home-town Washington Nationals have joined the trend and held a "Faith Night" at RFK Stadium, after their win against the St Louis Cardinals.* Featured some Christian rock act called MercyMe (nope, I don't find them on my CD rack between Mercury Rev and Midlake) and other religious (as in, "Christian") events.

I don't see the need. There is no shortage of venues in the United States for Christians and indeed other religions to hold events. Let's not taint the true American religion, baseball, with lesser faiths. Shame on the Nationals. And on baseball. Oh sure they say this isn't about favoring one religion over the other. But do you think if Washington's Muslim community wanted to book Cat Stevens to sing songs extolling Mohammed and the Islam faith after a Nationals-Padres game that they would be accommodated so easily? Somehow I wonder.

*Named for the nifty red bird, not the muckety-mucks in Rome that pick popes.


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