Sunday, August 05, 2007

jeri thompson is lucky karl rove is a republican

Interesting article about the much-younger wife of Republican pseudo-candidate Fred Thompson, Jeri Thompson nee Kehn. Let's see. She's 20 years younger than Fred. Busty and blonde. No obvious job skills, no career, no children. Several court orders to pay off debts, some of which apparently haven't been satisfied. She may have started dating Fred before breaking up with her long-time partner (the former partner, also with financial problems, says he doesn't remember).

Jeri Thompson is probably a fine and intelligent person. I hope she and Fred are happy together. Clearly, she doesn't fit the typical mold for a First Lady, should Ugly Fred* get that far, but in a fair world that wouldn't be held against her or Fred (plenty of other reasons not to vote for Fred).

But Jeri and Ugly Fred should thank their lucky stars Karl Rove is a Republican who likely won't be involved in the 2008 campaign and therefore won't be doing oppo research on Jeri...

*Yes, Ugly Fred. I fail to see how anybody can honestly find this guy attractive. Giuliani? Not bad looking in a weaselly sort of way. Edwards, Obama, Romney - all good looking guys. But Fred Thompson? No way.


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