Sunday, April 15, 2007

really, "uninhibited"?

In an otherwise depressing article about DC United crashing 4-2 at home against the Kansas City Wizards was one sentence that made me smile. In describing KC's second goal, Steve Goff writes: Johnson made a run to the center of the box, accepted Sealy's cross and slid the ball to the uninhibited Sasha Victorine for a rising shot between Perkins and the near post.

"Uninhibited" Sasha Victorine? What, did he do a celebratory strip-tease after the goal? Nah -- I think Goff meant "unmarked" or "unimpeded", even "unencumbered". But unless Goff is trying to tell us something about Victorine's off-the-field personality, I don't think he meant "uninhibited" here!



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