Friday, April 13, 2007

another example of republican ethics

Gosh, who would have imagined that former Deputy Secretary of Defense and now World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz could add a new layer of unethical behavior to his magnificent first example, unethically duping a country into a war in Iraq by faking the intelligence?

This second example will cause many, many fewer deaths than the Iraq scam. But forcing the World Bank to give his girl friend the top employee rating possible and the biggest raise possible (not to mention getting top-level jobs for his under-qualified staffers in an organization where a PhD in economics is usually the bare minimum requirement) brings a new dimension. Wolfowitz adds personal corruption and venality to his ideological corruption.

All he needs to do now to complete a corruption trifecta is to be caught cheating on his taxes...

But still, I'm a charitable sort. So I'll give Wolfowitz a bit of free advice. When your employees are HISSING AT YOU, that is a good sign that you've fucked up. You're just lucky that most American military personnel are too respectful of authority to have done the same.



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