Saturday, April 14, 2007

a historian bush and cheney love

It seems that out there is a prominent historian who has some unusual views. He approves of past uses of concentration camps, saying they were for the protection of the incarcerated. In a province riven by religious strife, Mr Historian thought that throwing members of one religious group into prison on flimsy grounds was good policy. Defending the massacre of hundreds of women and children by the troops of an occupying army, Mr Historian approves and notes that gosh, after such a massacre there was less violence in the region. Mr Historian praises white supremacists who want to reimpose white rule not only on South Africa and Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) but want to reestablish colonialism over all the non-white races.

Sounds like a lunatic fringist, doesn't it? Some Holocaust-denying Hitler lover? Somebody who thinks Joe Stalin was a misunderstood hero?

Nope, this is the British neo-imperialist historian Andrew Roberts, who pines for the days of the British Empire and explicitly calls on the American Empire I mean Republic to take on the mantle of white I mean "English-speaking" rule around the world.

And this man gets to have private lunches with de facto President George W. Bush and his manipulator I mean sidekick Shotgun Dick Cheney. In fact, Roberts' wife said that Bush has a crush on Roberts. Eeeuuw.

I think I liked it better when Bush didn't read books. Better to stick to a diet of Archie comics than to read and approve of Roberts' 1880 view of the world.



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