Wednesday, April 11, 2007

it's a free country, don imus

You know, it's a free country*. Don Imus is free to call the women's basketball team at Rutgers "nappy-headed hos". But, being a free country, Imus' sponsors like Staples and Proctor & Gamble are also free to not advertise on Imus' show any longer.

Michael Wilbon writes correctly that this is hardly an aberration for old Don Imus. This wasn't a slip of the tongue, or a stupid out-of-character comment. Imus' descriptions of blacks as apes and cleaning ladies and all the rest of it are too frequent to give him the benefit of the doubt. Just like Mel "Sugar Tits I hate Jews" Gibson's track record is too well established to believe his protests that the bottle made him say those nasty things.

But I think Wilbon's probably right -- Viacom won't fire him because it will be tough to replace Imus with somebody else who gets similar ratings.

*Alberto Gonzales does not approve of this description.



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