Saturday, April 14, 2007

an update on a series of republican lies and massacres

Wow, so many lying Republicans all making news at the same time, how exciting. Karl Rove's personal lawyer says that gosh, Karl was just sure that the Republican National Committee was diligently saving all of his emails. And golly gee, Karl has nothing to hide so that's just fine. So no doubt Karl, who I am sure has taken to heart every single exhortation from systems managers about keeping your in-box to a manageable size, just deleted all those emails in a fit of electronic fastidiousness.

The Post editors opine that this email "puzzle" might, just might, be an important thing. They even admit that it is a topic worthy of investigation. Gosh, that's mighty even-handed of them. If this had been a Clinton political advisor, they'd have the "IMPEACHMENT" banner headlines ready to go, and Tom DeLay would already be plotting with Trent Lott about how quickly to bring on a trial.

But as I said yesterday, Karl and friends on the RNC, I hate to break it to you but just deleting them don't mean they're gone, as Rob Pegoraro explains.

Meanwhile, on what will likely turn out to be connected to the Great Rove E-mail Massacre, it turns out that loyal Bushies in the Justice Department did in fact consider replacements for several of the fired US attorneys months ahead of their dismissal, revealing yet another lie. At this point, it is safe to assume that anything the Justice Department says is a lie, and that the lie will be definitively revealed a few days later. And again, the Great US Attorney Massacre is NOT about misinforming Congress. It is about firing attorneys for prosecuting corrupt Republicans and it is about firing attorneys who were not suitably zealous in going after Democrats, no matter how feeble the case.

And finally, more on how neocon former Deputy Defense honcho turned World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz basically over-rode the system to make sure his girlfriend got a sweet, sweet raise. If she was boffing Wolfowitz and received this in payment, does that make her a prostitute? Enough philosophizing for now about this relatively unimportant detail, and about the fact that earlier Wolfowitz squeeze Shaha Riza had been identified as Libyan-born, and NOW is being called a Tunisian-born British citizen. Wolfowitz violated all sorts of policies that are hardly unique to the World Bank. And hell, the sheer lack of common sense in getting his fingerprints all over this should undermine any remaining confidence in keeping the Architect of the Triumphant American Sweep Through the Middle East in charge of a financial institution that among things, preaches to its customers the need for good governance and reducing corruption. Time for a Great World Bank Massacre to sweep at least Wolfowitz out of office.

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