Friday, April 20, 2007

a bloodbath?

De facto President Bush ventured to Ohio to tell us all that a too quick pullout from Iraq would lead to a bloodbath. Well, on average the number of people killed violently in Iraq every DAY is equal to roughly three Virginia Techs. And the average hasn't dropped since the so-called surge began.

Hmm, but a monthly death toll almost equal to that of 9/11 in a country with less than a tenth of our population looks like a bloodbath to me.

Bush also said that if we pulled out that, unlike in Vietnam or Cambodia, the "enemies" in Iraq would "follow us here." Once again, I am confronted by the basic question about Bush -- is he really stupid, or is he lying? And again, I am confident the answer is "both." Iraqis are blowing our military members up because they don't want them there. They are blowing each other up because they just don't much care for each other and are jockeying for position in the post-occupation Iraq. The Iraqis aren't going to follow us here, and they are responsible for 99% of the violence there.

Now, the elements that call themselves Al Qaeda in Iraq might like to follow us here. Good thing that we took care of Bin Laden after 9/11, right? Oh wait, I guess we didn't...



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