Thursday, April 19, 2007

if you voted republican, you voted for this

Roe vs. Wade isn't dead, but it's taken a hit. The Roberts-Alito-Scalia court approved a so-called partial birth abortion ban that doesn't allow doctors to take the health of the woman into account.

It doesn't matter what your reasoning was, but if you voted for George W. Bush in 2000 or 2004, you voted for this. If you like this decision, then fine. You probably won't much enjoy Vaguely Logical.

If you are concerned about this, quit rationalizing your vote for Republicans as being for fiscal restraint (ha ha ha) or less regulation on businesses (hope you enjoy global warming) or strong security (inattention to terrorism before 9/11) or family values (how many divorces do Newt and Rudy have between them?). It was also a vote for religious thugs who want to impose their beliefs upon the rest of us. Or worse yet in many ways, it was a vote for somebody who doesn't believe that crap but is willing to go along with the theocons to get ahead.

If you voted Republican, you voted for this.


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