Thursday, April 19, 2007

"It is outrageous. How am I supposed to communicate?"

BlackBerries were down, and the crackberry addicts were suffering. Like the guy who said, "It is outrageous. How am I supposed to communicate?"

Poor fellow. Gosh, just how DID we communicate in those dark days of 1998, before the BlackBerry allowed us all to take our work with us everywhere we went?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How bizarrely addicted we have become to technology. A lawyer friend of mine bemoans the lack of time he has with his family since Blackberry has come along. Clients now expect him to be available day and night, and he accommodates them for fear they'll go to another lawyer if he doesn't! It causes some sort of existential crisis if we can't be in constant communication - and yet, can anything be _that_ critical? Why not consider Blackberry downtime as a welcome break? I'll stay Blackberry free, thank you very much!

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