Tuesday, October 24, 2006

not staying the course on stay the course

As Peter Baker writes, the White House is changing tack by saying the Iraq policy was never "stay the course." The trouble of course is now voters think promising more of the same in Iraq is really dumb, and so the GOP is denying their policy.

The denial by Tony White and others is simply not credible. Baker effortlessly found three examples of de facto war President George W. "Stay the Course" Bush saying "stay the course", and you know he repeated that mantra countless times, on and off tape. So clearly, as Eugene Robinson writes, Bush and Cheney are either deceiving themselves, or lying to us. I agree with Robinson -- they're liars.

And they don't even have enough respect for Americans to try a convincing lie. They say stuff like this and expect us to believe it just because they are spouting it.

Truthiness, indeed.


Blogger vcthree said...

So basically, it boils down to what the definition of "stay the course" actually means, right?

I mean, they really expect me to buy this load; that they didn't actually mean what they said, when they've repeatedly said "stay the course"?

Look, I stopped buying any of the administrations' BS after all the speechifying rhetoric we were given in the summer of 2005.

Bunch of lying a-holes.

12:11 PM  

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