Thursday, October 19, 2006

what's the matter with republicans in kansas?

Several former Kansas Republicans are running as Democrats this year, including the one-time head of the Kansas Republican Party, Mark Parkinson. Why? Because they are a bunch of moderate Republicans who've decided the new version radical racist anti-science pro-war 21st Century Bush-Rove Republican Party isn't the party for them.

Parkinson for example, "favors embryonic stem cell research, a woman's right to choose abortion and the teaching of evolution as settled scientific theory." And nowadays in the GOP, that's a difficult place to be.

Of course, the GOP doesn't take defections lying down. A GOP flack, speaking about Paul Morrison, running for Attorney General, said "The Republican Party reflects Kansas values, reflects loyalty and reflects family. It's Mr. Morrison who has changed."

Well, that's patently not true. I don't know how much Morrison may or may not have changed, but the GOP has become much more radical over the past 25 years, and the pace of radicalization has increased since George W. "Trust me, you don't need habeas corpus" Bush stole his way into the White House.


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