Tuesday, October 17, 2006

surprise, surprise, more republican shenanigans

Federal agents raided the homes of Pennsylvania GOP Congressman Kurt Weldon and his lobbyist daughter Karen Weldon, suspicious that Papa may have illegally helped businesses represented by his little princess. Papa Weldon denies this, saying "I've never helped my daughter get anything. My kids are qualified on their own."

Indeed, but they have that one special qualification that most of us don't have -- they have a Daddy in Congress. Of course he helped her. Why else would a lobbyist hire his daughter? Why else do lobbyists hire daughters, sons, spouses, and siblings of politicians to lobby for them? Frequently, they have no real outstanding quality that would differentiate them from hundreds of others except that special little blood tie. Let's not be naive.

The timing of the raids themselves is a bit curious, coming so close to the election, with Weldon facing the first real challenge in years. Apparently the Feds were afraid the investigation was about to leak, and they'd face a damned-if-they-do, damned-if-they-don't situation about the timing. I'm sure the GOP will accuse the Department of Justice and FBI with secretly doing the bidding of the Democrats.

In other Republican corruption news, turns out that guy who headed the Federal Drug Administration just long enough to postpone action on the morning after pill, Lester Crawford, has been indicted for illegally hiding his ownership of stock in companies regulated by the FDA. That might explain his quick escape from Dodge.

Does all this sound familiar? Hey, the Democrats aren't immune from this sort of thing. But Tom DeLay's K Street project has institutionalized this sort of thing to a higher level. Washington stinks, and the smell comes from all the Republican strongholds -- the White House, the Senate, the House, and K Street.


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