Friday, October 20, 2006

what's the matter with the republicans (again)?

Fearing the poll numbers, the Republicans are returning to their traditional scare tactics, warning us all that Democrats will raise taxes, destroy the US military, and mandate abortion and force us all into gay marriages. Plus they'll send dirty emails to teenagers.

As scare tactics go, I prefer them to the ones the de facto Bush-Rove Administration has indulged in over the past few years on terrorism, culminating in the recent deletion of habeas corpus from our list of American rights.

It's a mark of desperation when a Republican Congressman asks Bush, with his 35% approval rate, to campaign for him. And it's a mark of desperation when a holier-than-thou President, in the middle of "National Character Week", campaigns on behalf of a Republican (Don Sherwood) who is most famous for trying to strangle his young Peruvian mistress. Talk about politics making for strange bedfellows.


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