Sunday, October 22, 2006

cash in the freezer

An unnamed Louisiana resident has a sound idea about politics: "You find $100,000 in your freezer, I ain't voting for you." He was talking about Congressman William Jefferson, a Democrat, accused of accepting $100,000 in an FBI sting.

Jefferson deserves to lose his seat. And, applying the same sage advice, so do a bunch of Republicans in Congress and elsewhere. Some of them are accused of breaching the law. Others are guilty of giving the de facto Bush Administration anything and everything they asked for, like approval of torture and the suspension of habeas corpus and tax cuts for the rich.

So remember that. Cash in the freezer is a good reason to vote against somebody. And so is going along with a White House that doesn't give a damn about the Constitution. I hope the latest polls prove true on election day, Diebold willling.


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