Wednesday, October 18, 2006

not just a number

The Pentagon announced that nine more American troops died in Iraq on Tuesday, a particularly bad day even by the bad standards of this bad war, Mr. Bush's Optional Iraq War.

Nine is just a number, as is 2775, the US military toll in Iraq to date. This doesn't include the hundreds of American citizen contractors who have died in Iraq, not to mention British and other troops and contractors. Not to mention the however-many-hundred-thousand Iraqis.

A Washington Post reporter in Iraq was recently given rare permission to attend the farewell ceremony for a young American airman killed by a sniper, LeeBernard Chavis. It's very sad. And the full reality is over 2775 times sadder than this, when you factor in the badly injured who aren't part of the death count.

Mr. Bush's Optional War. It's not even making us safer.


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