Thursday, October 23, 2008

john mccain is easily amazed and has a short memory

John McCain is "amazed" that people are criticizing his choice of running mate, Sarah Palin the Moose-Hunting Snow-Mobile-Riding Speech-Giving-While-Water-Is-Breaking Mama. Sayeth the Maverick McCain, "I think she's most qualified of any that has run recently for vice president, tell you the truth."

This ... stunning ... statement gives the reader two options. One option is you can think that John McCain has completely and clearly lost it. More qualified than Joe Biden in 2008? More qualified than Al Gore in 1992? Even Dan Quayle in 1988 was more qualified than Sarah Palin.

And more to the point, Sarah Palin is more qualified than McCain's main object of man-love, Joe Lieberman, who ran in 2000? How quickly John forgets. Joe must be simply crushed. Although Palin, with her $150,000 wardrobe, is certainly better dressed and easier on the eyes.

The other way to read this of course is that McCain is lying out of his ass, and has no regard for anybody seeing the interview. He makes Richard Nixon and George W. Bush look sincere.



Blogger Francis Deblauwe said...

As Julius Caesar said when he was stabbed to death: "Et tu, Brute?" Poooor Joe Lieberman, shunned or betrayed by Democrats, Republicans and McCain alike. See this great cartoon at the Word Face-Off blog!

2:06 AM  

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