Friday, October 17, 2008

complaining about being called racist

Charles Krauthammer slams the Obama campaign and the media for all the attention they are paying to "a couple of agitated yahoos in a rally of thousands (who) yell something offensive and incendiary". He complains that not enough attention is being paid to Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and ACORN (yes, Krauthammer knows how to use his RNC/Fox News talking points). He complains that if you raise these issues, the Democrats all shout "racist" and point the finger.

I see. Well, let's forget the fact (as Krauthammer did) that some of these people are shouting things like "kill him" and are carrying huge monkey dolls with "Obama" on them. And that it is happening quite often. And let's also forget that some Republican organizations like the one in California are engaged in overt racist propaganda, depicting Obama on food stamps with watermelons and fried chicken. And let's forget things like GOP Congressman Lynn Westmoreland calling Obama "uppity" (a word frequently followed in the South by the n-word), or all those idiots introducing McCain and Palin and being sure to use Obama's full name, Barack Hussein Obama.

So laying aside all of that, what do you call it, "evidence" of racism, I wonder how Krauthammer would react if say John McCain were Jewish (or DINO Joe Lieberman were on the McCain ticket) and "a couple of agitated yahoos" in Obama or Biden crowds made offensive remarks about Jews or denied the Holocaust?

I think we know. He would be appalled, as we ALL should be. But actually the important thing in this to ensure Krauthammer's disapproval isn't that the mythical McCain be Jewish. It's that he be Republican. That would earn him Krauthammer's no-doubt impassioned condemnation of racism or anti-semitism or whatever.

And of course Krauthammer skips over the entire issue of the candidates' inflammatory rhetoric, particularly Palin's but McCain too with his nasty little lines about not really knowing who Barack Obama is. As if he expects the Obama from that infamous New Yorker magazine cover to reveal himself and start going around burning flags and letting terrorists come to America.

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