Friday, October 17, 2008

mahoney baloney

So that Democratic Congressman down in Florida, Tim Mahoney, has confessed to multiple affairs, including the one with a woman he subsequently hired, Patricia Allen.

Infidelity in itself doesn't disqualify you from public office. But it ain't a good look. And HIRING somebody you are cheating on your spouse with is far, far worse. I think hiring somebody you're boffing is pretty bad. Bad enough to be grounds for removal from office, I'd say. Because that's an example of corruption, I think.

For what it's worth (not much), Mahoney is right when he says his situation is different from that of former Congressman Mark Foley, who's former seat Mahoney for now holds. Mahoney is having sex with consenting adults; Foley was soliciting underage people (the fact that they were the same sex as Foley isn't a factor).

But I can't bring myself to support whatever Republican Mahoney is running against, on the assumption he is a typical one. Still, looks like a seat the Democrats will lose. Good thing this won't be a 218-217 Congress.

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