Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a vote for john mccain is a vote for al qaeda

Al Qaeda are a bunch of nasty maggots who really don't understand things American as well as they think.  They do understand, correctly, that John McCain would be better for their cause than Barack Obama, because McCain is impulsive and trigger-happy, likely to follow in de facto President George W. Bush's footsteps and damaging further the American image and wasting American money - and the lives of American servicemen.

So I'd be surprised NOT to see some sort of "I am Osama Bin Laden and I like Barack Obama" kind of videotape come out between now and November 4 - with the goal of course of driving voters to McCain.  I just hope we as a nation are now smart enough to realize when we are being played for fools (we've had 8 years practice) and don't fall for it.  And early voting, underway now in 29 states, can't hurt.

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