Friday, October 17, 2008

ohio, again

Let's just hope whatever happens on Election Day that it doesn't come down to a close vote count in Ohio... Because it is already getting ugly there (again) with Republicans suing to stop various things they don't like, to force Ohio to compare new voter registrations with other state records to look for "inconsistencies" to invalidate them.

You know, inconsistencies like being identified as "Sarah Palin" on your driver's license, but being "Sarah L. Palin" on your voter registration, clearly showing intent to defraud the Republican Party I mean American Democracy, and being further proof that the fraudulent voter in question probably pals around with terrorists, kills babies, is an elitist, and wants to speak with enemies without preconditions. Just the sort of little thing that the Republicans will seize on in their ongoing voter suppression effort.

At least this year there is a Democrat as the Secretary of State and chief election official for Ohio instead of that overtly partisan hack Kenneth Blackwell, who was so very helpful in 2004. I don't envy Jennifer Brunner. She should fight this every step of the way.

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