Thursday, September 04, 2008

(bleep) you

From the San Francisco Chronicle, we have this wonderful passage aimed at the media from Renee Amore, who is a senior official in Pennsylvania's GOP: "As an African American woman, I understand racism and I understand sexism and you have a lot of things going on. Democrats will allow you to talk about Hillary Clinton in a very demeaning way, but we will not allow you" to do it to Palin. "As Republicans, we ain't going to take it, and we will get with you if you keep messing with us."

Oh this is fucking rich. From the party that routinely called Hillary Clinton a bitch. From the party that giggled and laughed as people made obscene jokes about the teenaged Chelsea Clinton being ugly, or about Hillary Clinton being a lesbian. From the party that was if anything even MORE brutal about Janet Reno - including jokes about Reno AND Hillary Clinton being lesbians. From the party that has also said very unflattering things about Nancy Pelosi. Now we get lectured by some GOP official from Pennsylvania about being DEMEANING to women?

A question for Renee Amore: did you EVER defend Hillary Clinton or Chelsea Clinton or Janet Reno or Nancy Pelosi against repugnant sexist attacks from your fellow Repugnicans?

I thought not. Shut up. Hypocrite.



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