Friday, August 29, 2008


If he had any honor left*, John McCain would stop using the inexperience theme against Barack Obama. Sarah Palin? Sarah Palin?

Two years ago, according to her Wikipedia entry, she was mayor of the fine Alaskan city of Wasilla. You know Wasilla - about 8000 people in southern Alaska, famed for its... for its... ah, hell admit it, YOU never heard of it either.

I'm sure it's a fine place, but that's probably not quite the same as being mayor of New York or Los Angeles, or even mayor of Dayton, Ohio, where McCain made the announcement. As this Alaska blogger notes, Palin won the 2006 Republican nomination for the governership because the incumbent imploded. And even then people wondered if she was qualified to be governor of Alaska.

But she's probably really smart, right? And can learn the job, like Obama and Kennedy and Reagan and everybody else?

Well lookie here. She's not just conservative She's a friggin' CREATIONIST. So much for her brains. And not just a creationist, but one who wants it taught in the schools. She's pro-life, which is a plus with the Republican base of course. And she's anti-gay, which just makes her even less Christian since I thought tolerance was a virtue according to Christ. And as a big oil** Alaskan Republican, I think it is safe to say that she will not be in the Schwarzenegger Sane Wing of the Republican Party when it comes to climate change and energy independence.

Is she really, in McCain's words, "...exactly who I need. She's exactly who this country needs to help me fight the same old Washington politics of 'Me first and country second.' "

McCain couldn't find a better qualified Republican? A sad commentary on the GOP - which after all has championed the politics of "Me first and country second," a favorite theme of the big business and big oil (very Alaskan...) fat-cats that the GOP loves to shower with tax breaks, the right to ignore safety and health regulations, and corporate welfare.

And now Sarah Palin is the person who will step into the Presidency should the 72-year-old McCain be elected and subsequently die?

This smacks of cynicism and desperation. Palin is the least qualified and least inspiring VP candidate since Dan Quayle.

And I hope Hillary Clinton really does campaign strongly for Obama. Obama being black doesn't automatically earn him the black vote. Palin being a woman should not automatically earn her the female vote.

*He doesn't.

** Big oil VP, just like de facto vice president Dick Cheney. Except minus the bazillion years of experience. And probably much less evil. And indisputably better looking.



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