Wednesday, September 03, 2008

sarah barracuda

More more more about our moose-hunting governor turned VP nominee Sarah Palin...
First, this New York Times article is interesting. Palin's entire political career has been based on fighting the culture wars. Her first electoral victory in 1996 to become mayor of the burgeoning metropolis of Wasilla, Alaska, was won by emphasizing her opposition to abortion and her opponent's inadequate commitment to Christianity. Not exactly the usual topics for a local election in small-town Alaska.

And now Palin is cramming before her turn at the Republican convention. And she has essentially completely avoided the media. Or more accurately, McCain's handlers have kept the media away from Palin. Not ready for prime time? Or just that the Republicans only have a little bit of time to try to fill this attractive but empty vessel before her big national TV debut in Minneapolis.

And finally, Thomas Friedman gets one right when he notes that the selection of Palin demonstrates once and for all that if you give a shit about the environment - which is important to humans because all that word means is, "where we live and breath and grow food" - you don't have a choice. McCain says he wants to limit emissions. Palin doesn't believe human activity is behind climate change. McCain opposes (for the moment) drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve. Palin's raring to go. And her "opposition" to oil companies is really just arguing about how large Alaska's slice of the money will be.

And a correction. If the Republicans are to be believed, Palin wasn't a member of the Alaska Independence Party. But her husband was. And Palin still gave a warm and fuzzy speech to them when they met in Wasilla...


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