Thursday, September 04, 2008

giuliani and palin

So, two Republican frauds were the highlight of the convention Wednesday. Rudy Giuliani, who took terrorism so seriously that he build New York's emergency headquarters right by the World Trade Center so he could screw his mistress near his office, blathered on about how bad the Democrats are in a speech Tom Shales correctly described as "a boorish attack full of cheap shots." Including Giuliani's alleging that Barack Obama was attacking Sarah Palin for not being cosmopolitan enough. Which of course, Obama hasn't done. He's barely mentioned Palin's name, apart from congratulating her and expressing his disgust at attacks on her family.

Sarah Palin delivered a nasty little speech pretty decently. Is she Reagan? No. But she was competent and not obviously blown away by the bright lights and TV cameras; she passed the Dan Quayle test but now faces the rest of the election season with all the questions about her trooper issues and all that. Her speech was every bit as nasty as you would expect from a Republican vice presidential nominee, full of the usual lies and allegations about the Democrats and Barack Obama. Karl Rove and, I hope in hell, Lee Atwater are smiling. Her lies and misrepresentations didn't bother me much. After all, Palin is a Republican so that is expected. But spending so much time blathering while her family passed around her Down Syndrome baby on national TV was pretty damn disturbing.

Is this the Republican platform? That being held prisoner for 5.5 years and having a baby with a very unfortunate condition qualify you for the Presidency? I thought the GOP didn't like the victim card?



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