Saturday, August 30, 2008

an open letter to sherry morrison and any other women considering a vote for mccain

Reports the Washington Post about the surprising Sarah Palin nomination,
For one former Clinton supporter at least, the message hit home, and she said she will be voting for McCain. Sherry Morrison, 46, a medical billing executive who lives in Roanoke, called Palin's speech "a wink and a nod to the Hillary supporters. It was, 'Hey, if the Democrats are too stupid to break that glass ceiling, we will do it for them.' "
Ms. Morrison, please think twice about voting for John McCain. Just because he picked a woman for the VP slot does not mean a McCain presidency would be a good one for women in particular or America in general. Unless you like John Roberts and Sam Alito style Supreme Court justices, with their disdain for abortion rights. Unless you like tax cuts for the tiny top of the tax bracket, and tax HIKES for the rest of us. Unless you like spending cuts for program that help women with children. Unless you like military adventurism that even de facto President George Bush might consider rash.

Colbert King says it well. For supporters of Hillary Clinton, voting for John McCain "makes about as much sense as swallowing hemlock."

Don't do it.



Blogger oldfashionedgirl said...

Dear Sherry Morrison,

I write on behalf of my daughter:

Hillary Clinton made great strides and stands as an amazing role model for any person, male or female. I could never imagine telling my daughter, "Model yourself after Sarah Palin. She is a woman, and they let her run for Vice President."

If she were a man, Hillary Clinton would be attacking the substance behind her policies, instead of kow towing to her biology.

Let'show our daughters that it is the substance of person that matters most.

12:22 PM  

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