Sunday, January 27, 2008

it's fun disliking the redskins

I'm no Washington Redskins fan. I can't stand the constant hype about them in the DC area - it turned me off of them a long time ago, especially when they were winning Super Bowls.

So I must say thanks to Daniel Snyder. He makes it fun and satisfying to root against the Redskins.

First, he's a spoiled rich brat. Yeah, sure I'm jealous - I wish I had the cash to own an NFL team. But he's not just rich he's spoiled. Remember - he even illegally had trees in a national park cut down near his mansion so he could have a view of the Potomac River.

And he has been a hilarious failure as an NFL owner. Year in and year out, the Redskins have the highest payroll in the league. And the return on that investment is usually something like a 7-9 record, punctuated by an occasional short stint in the playoffs.

No Redskins' hiring decision is handled remotely well. You remember how Marty Schottenheimer was treated after a successful season. Well Snyder's done it again, announcing BY PRESS RELEASE that Gregg Williams won't be a candidate to succeed St Joe - and hiring Williams' successor in secret. Completely classless. Completely guaranteed to increase alienation among the players and fans. Bound to make well qualified coaching candidates and players to think twice before accepting the big bucks that the Snyderskins offer.

Daniel Snyder is like George Steinbrenner was in the 1980s and early 1990s, running the Yankees into the ground and spending a lot of money to do it. Steinbrenner eventually was persuaded to let baseball professionals run the show and the Yankees had that streak of championships. Will Snyder wise up?

I sure hope not. This is fun.



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