Wednesday, January 16, 2008


If it weren't so sad and slightly scary, this would be funny. Seems that the Department of Justice last October took TPM Muckraker off of its press releases email list.

Yes, the United States Department of Justice, in its glorious Republican pettiness, cut off TPM Muckraker. I'm sure that had nothing to do with the massive amounts of reporting TPM Muckraker has done on the various inter-related scandals roiling Justice.

The reason that Justice's press room gave TPM? "... we have a lot of requests to be put on our media lists and we simply are not able to put everyone on the list."

Wow, I wonder what email software Justice is using?

Not getting DOJ emails because there isn't enough room to add them (to add them back on, that is - TPM was getting these releases). What a marvelous excuse, so elegantly Bush-Cheney-Rovian.

Does this reflect incompetence - i.e., showing that somebody in DOJ doesn't understand how the Internets work? Frankly, I doubt it. Policymakers don't handle this sort of request, and the people that do the actual mailing know how to use Windows.

Maybe it was an excuse derived from laziness - the political type at Justice who finally got the question simply couldn't make the effort to think of a better line?

More likely, it was sheer contempt - "Justice sneers at Talking Points Memo muckrakers and we won't even BOTHER to come up with a meaningful excuse to drop you from our mailings."

And no matter the reason, it is incredibly petty. But more seriously, it reflects the monarchical attitude the de facto Bush Administration demonstrations at every step - "who are YOU to question the King?" In GOP-land, journalists only exist to promulgate the Administration's press releases and to savage political opponents (thanks to Fox News' influence, even allegedly neutral media shows a marked right-wing bias).

This is Your Republican Party at work.

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