Monday, January 21, 2008

out of their depth, and why?

Norman Chad is dissing the New Jersey Institute of Technology Highlanders' men's basketball team for being 0-20. Mean spirited? No, actually I think Chad has a point: he says their troubles are "self-inflicted" because they decided to go to the big time in college sports.

And it points out another problem - the idea of universities seeking exposure by playing big-time sports. At some point, this begins to put the cart before the horse. I mean, isn't NJIT's strength the fact that it offers a rigorous education for would-be engineers and the like? Would NJIT's ability to hang tough in a basketball game with Army or to actually win a game against the likes of Lehigh or Texas Pan-American make any difference in that?

Reminds me of the quote from the president of the University of Oklahoma, who once famously said "We want to build a university our football team can be proud of."

Athletics are great for a school. But not everybody needs to be Division One. I went to tons of basketball games at lower division schools and the atmosphere was great. It didn't matter that it wasn't North Carolina or UCLA or Indiana on the court.


Anonymous That one guy said...

You're right on - just like this past year. Everyone was used to Notre Dame's success... then they play Division I teams and... Oh wait...

12:12 AM  

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