Monday, January 14, 2008

be proud to have enemies like these

John McCain, prematurely pronounced dead a while back, looks like he has a pretty good chance now of being the Republican nominee, assuming he can fend off god-boy Mike Huckabee, grinning skull nutjob Rudy Giuliani, silver medalist Mitt Romney, and the Reaganesquely lazy Fred Thompson.

But McCain has enemies within the Republican Party coalition, and some of them will try to do him in, in South Carolina, Michigan, and beyond.

The list identified as not liking old Straight Talking (sometimes, anyway) John include that odious maggot Grover Norquist, that supercilious god-boy Ralph Reed (both Grover and Ralph, by the way, good friends of Jack Abramoff), the National Right to Life Committee, the NRA (because McCain opposes home ownership of nuclear missiles, no doubt), the plutocratic Club for Growth which like Leona Helmsley believes that taxes are for the little people, and various anti-immigration groups because McCain is simply insufficiently bigoted for them.

Now, McCain should be proud to have them as enemies.

But that's not to say you should consider voting for McCain in November, should he get the nomination. Because McCain also has friends in the GOP. Like George W. Bush, whose disastrous Iraq project McCain supported.

And the fact is, I can name at least three people that ALL of the above McCain haters ALSO hate, that would be much better Presidents than McCain based just on policy and politics (and probably based on health and temperament too).

Their names are Clinton, Edwards, and Obama.



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