Thursday, December 20, 2007

holy cow, gop, religion's busting out all over iowa

In the Iowa Republican presidential race (Dana Milbank calls it a holy war), Mike Huckabee, ex-Arkansas governor, former Baptist minister, and all-around godboy, is now out in front all alone, ahead of ex-Massachusetts governor, current Mormon elder, and recent convert to all-around godboy status, Mitt Romney.

Huckabee's support, based on this article, appears to be the Church Lady times a few thousand. Yes, a jump in support for Huckabee among religious women is a big part of his recent surge to the top of the GOP dogpile. Meanwhile, the allegedly handsome Fred Thompson and the rest of the pack have lost much of their support and are way way behind the minister and the elder.

Robert Novak just can't stand it. I mean, who would ever have thought that a political party that has based much of its political power over the past 30 years on pandering to right-wing evangelical Christian types could POSSIBLY ever actually VOTE for a right-wing evangelical Christian type? The nerve. Anyway, Novak is grasping at straws in pointing out how the Southern Baptist Convention leadership isn't necessarily supporting Huckabee whole-heartedly, and how Huckabee was NOT part of the "conservative resurgence" that has gripped the Baptists. (The fact that Huckabee is allegedly not part of that conservative movement shows just how extremely right-wing much of the SBC has become. Huckabee is not remotely a liberal or even moderate by any normal definition.)

And David Broder, deemed wise out of habit as far as I can tell, is also befuddled by the whole Iowa situation, with the Democrats as well as the Republicans.

To prove he is befuddled, he actually PRAISED Fred Thompson for refusing to indicate that he believed in climate change during this week's Republican debate. Broder said it was a brave effort to jump-start his stalled campaign. But I think he's wrong. There are two possible explanations, not mutually exclusive. One is that old Ugly Fred just plumb didn't understand the question and thought the moderator had asked whether any of the candidates had ever drafted a piece of legislation.

Or, Fred kept his hand down out of a desire to pander to the stupid and willfully ignorant segment of the GOP electorate - a group which, if they all voted for him, would give him a sizable win in Iowa. But I don't think it'll work; far as I can tell, the dumb vote is going mostly to Romney and Huckabee.

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